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Alist   A-Lister - Crystal covered ankle boots
Abriana   Abriana - petite white patent sandals
Adelle   Adelle - petite black sandals
Afia   Afia - petite feet genuine leather heels
Ahoy   Ahoy - Petite feet flip flops
Alessandro   Alessandro - Petite feet black high heels
alex   Alex - Petite feet dark grey chelsea boots
Allabouteve   All about Eve - Petite patent white court heels
Angelic   Angelic - Pretty small heels
antislip   Anti slip grip - For extra grip and no more slip
Apple   Apple - petite green suede heels
atomic   Atomic - petite feet white flat pumps
Aubryb   Aubry - petite brown ankle boots
Ava   Ava - Petite feet white wedges
Avenger   Avenger - petite feet black shoes
Aviator   Aviator - petite tan fur boots
B2thefuture   Back to the future - mirror silver platforms - genuine leather
ballerinawhite   Ballerina - petite white sandals
Bambi   Bambi - petite feet leather sandals
btnBB   Bang Tidy - black Petite heels
btnB   Bang Tidy - nude Petite heels
Bare   Bare - Petite feet shoes
bare-all   Bare all - Petite apricot feet sandals
Bauble   Bauble - petite deep purple suede heels
Bavissi   Bavissi- Petite feet black heels
Beau   Beau bow - Pretty small black shoes
beetle   Beetle - petite feet heels
Believe   Believe - metallic gold court heels
BelissaF   Belissa fierce - Petite feet wedges
bellarosellapink   Bella Rosella - petite light pink sandals
bellinda!   Bellinda! - petite feet gold platforms
berry   berry
Blackforest   Black Forest - petite feet black boots
blackmagic   Black magic - petite feet black platforms
Blackcurrant   Blackcurrant ombre - petite feet purple to gold glitter heels
Blackjack   Blackjack - Petite black Sandals
Blitzen   Blitzen - petite deep blue platforms
blossom   Blossom - petite feet white/silver sheen sandals
blush   Blush - pastel coral petite feet low wedge sandals
Bodhi   Bodhi - petite black gladiator sandals
Bohimiab   Bohemia - Black
Bohimiai   Bohemia - Ivory
M20Boohoo   Booho - Made to order heels
braidy   Braidy - petite suede ta knee boots
Bride   Bride - Petite feet wedding heels
brook   Brook - petite black ankle platforms
bubbleG   Bubblegum - petite coral pink sandals
Buckylee   Bucky lee - petite tan platform thigh boots
Burbon   Burbon - petite feet chunky heels
Buttercup   Buttercup - petite feet heels
Caddy   Caddy - Petite feet hidden wedge lace pumps
Cammi   Cammi boots - Petite black boots
Cammib   Cammi boots beige - Petite beige boots
Capet   Cape town - petite wedges
caramel   Caramel - Petite contrast heels
Carmel   Carmel - Petite feet genuine leather wedges
CascadingM2O   Cascading blush - Made to order 3 weeks
ChampC   Champagne - Crystal
Charlie   Charlie - petite black wedges
CherryF   Cherry Fire - Small size heels
chillson   Chills on - Petite feet flipflops!
Chloe   Chloe - Small size ladies nude wedges
Chocolate   Chocolate- petite dark brown suede knee boots
chylo   chylo - petite white low heels
Cloud9   Cloud 9 - Genuine leather dazzling white petite shoes
Coal   Coal - petite soft black heels
Cobra   Cobra - petite feet black wedges
Coco   Coco - Petite feet sandals
cookie   Cookie- Petite high heels
Coralreef   Coral reef - petite pastel red wedges
Courage   Courage - soft blue petite heels
CreamD   Cream Delight - Petite beige sandals
crushin   Crushin - petite feet wedges
DimonteW   Crystal falls 11cm high - Crystal clear dimonte
Cula   Cula hoola - petite tan suede heels
Daenerys   Daenerys - petite black peep toe wedges
Daisy   Daisy dee - Petite white lace flats
DaisyD   Daisy Duke - Petite suede tan cut out boots
dali   Dali- Petite feet leather low wedge sandals
damfine   Dam fine! - petite feet ivory scalf print wedges
Dandy   Dandy - Petite feet wedges!
Dangerous   Dangerous - petite black spike heels
Darci   Darci - petite slip on heels
Darcibu   Darci Bu - Genuine leather black petite shoes
Daryl   Daryl - petite black knee boots
Dazzle   Dazzle - small size glitter heels
deal   Deal
Deepbl   Deeper shade of bue - Petite feet wedges!
Delicios   Delicious B - Black platforms
Delicios1   Delicious I - Ivory wedges
Denny   Denny - Genuine leather black wedges
Denver   Denver - Genuine leather nude sandals
DesertDoll1   Desert Dolly - Genuine leather nude wedges
desertqueen   Desert Queen- petite tan suede lace up boots
Diaz   Diaz - metallic petite ankle boots
Dion   Dion - Black petite feet low wege sandals
Divine   Divine - Petite crystal sandals
dottyhotty   Dotty hotty - petite feetpatent red glitter platforms
dragonberry   Dragon berry - Pink small feet wedges
Drew   Drewdrops - metallic blue court heels
Drucilla   Drucilla - petite black lace up heels
Eden   Eden - Petite feet black chelsea boots
Elle   Elle - Petite nude flats
EmpoWER   Empower - Deep blue petite feet heels
Erin   Erin - petite feet nude knee boots
Eski   Eski - petite feet black wedges
Exquisite   Exquisite - Pretty small shoes
fallens   Fallen Star - Glitter silver petite heels
Fanbag   Fantasia - black sparkle clutch bag
felix   Felix - genuine leather over the knee boots
M20festival   Festival - Made to order heels
Fifi   Fifi - petite black velvet heels
Fioni   Fioni - Petite feet hidden wedge black lace pumps
flame   Flame - Petite high heels
Flash   Flash - petite feet flats
Flaxen   Flaxen M2O- petite feet flats
floraldreams   Floral dreams - petite feet floral white heels
Forbiddencry   Forbidden Crystal - crystal apple pendant necklace
ForbiddenC   Forbidden Crystal 11cm high
Forbiddenrose   Forbidden rose - Petite feet flip flops
fresco   Fresco - petite feet genuine leather black sandals
Frozen   Frozen - petite feet deep blue boots
frozenr   Frozen rose- petite feet platforms
Gazel   Gazel - petite feet dark nude heels
georgia   Georgia - Black small feet wedges
giavano   Giavano - petite black lace wdges
GBFcrystalwed   Girls best friend - petite crystal wedges
GladG   Gladiator - Gold
Glads   Gladiator - Silver
Glassdoll   Glass doll - genuine leather wedges
Glitter   Glitter - silver sparkly petite wedges
glitter1   Glitter - Small feet heels
glow   Glow - petite feet light gold wedges
Golddust   Gold dust - petite feet chunky shimmer heels
Goldrush   Gold rush - Small size heels
GoldenG   Golden Girl - petite feet high heels
Goldentoffee   Golden toffee - petite nude platforms
Gravityblk   Gravity - Petite feet shoes
Halo   Halo - petite feet nude heels.
Harley   Harley - small feet ankle boots
heartt   Heart throb - Petite red sholder clutch bag
Heated   Heated - Red patent petite heels
Heaven   Heaven - Petite feet light gold crystal sandals
Heelhugz   Heel hugz - soft pad shoe insoles
Heidi   Heidi - petite white lace wdges
Holdme   Hold me - Invisible strap
Hoot   Hoot - Petite summer knee boots
Hypnotic   Hypnotic - Pretty small Heels
internationalex   international postage for exchanges
Ivyslip   Ivy slip - Ivory heels
Jargo   Jargo - Petite feet black flats
jax   Jax - petite feet black knee boots
jejeslip   jeje slip - black heels
jessielou   Jessie lou - petite black platform thigh boots
Jet   Jet - petite suede knee boots
jetset   Jet set - petite black boots
Jovana   Jovana - petite feet black wedges
Julia   Julia - Petite feet shoes
Juliette   Juliette- petite white heels
jupiter   Jupiter - petite feet low deep red boots.
Kate   Kate - Electric blue small shoes
Kendra   Kendra - petite black ankle platforms
Knight   Knight - Small feet high heels
knightb   Knights pearl - black Petite heels
Kola   Kola- Petite feet leather low wedge sandals
Kylie   Kylie - Petite feet ivory sandals
lmo   L'Amour - petite feet heels
lacey   Lacey - petite white shimmer heels
LIR   Lady in red
ladyvenus   Lady Venus - petite feet patent nude heels
Lavagasbby.   Las Vegas baby - Petite feet crystal heels
latino   Latino - petite feet strappy heels
eleven   Legs eleven - Petite ladies platform heels
LighthouseNavy   Lighthouse - Navy blue small feet wedges
Lilyofthevalley   Lily of The Valley - Petite White Sandals
Lipstick   Lipstick - Petite red heels
Lola   Lola - Petite soft black heels
Lopez   Lopez - Petite feet wedges
Lordhavemery   Lord Have Mercy - Small feet high heels
BlackL   Louise - Black petite heels
loveshy   Love shy - petite feet soft black ankle boots
Lucia   Lucia - petite white chunky sandals
Luminos   Luminos - petite feet leather sandals
Lustrus   Lustrus - petite feet high heels
MakeB   Make believe - Small size crystal courts
mara   Mara - petite grey mary jane sandals
Marbella   Marbella - petite feet gold flatforms
MCruz   Mary Cruz - Small shoes for petite feet
MJstepasBLK   Mary Jane Straps - Petite heels straps
matilda   Matilda - nude petite feet low wege sandals
Metpop   Metallic pop - petite silver heels
midnight   Midnight ombre - petite black to silver glitter heels
Mikka   Mikka - Petite patent black heels
Miley   Miley - petite Nude patent sandals
Million   Millionaire - Gold glitter court heels
Mink   Mink eyelashes - soft thick false eyelashes
Miricle   Miricle - petite feet super sparkly silver heels
Mirrormirror   Mirror Mirror - metallic silver chunky heels
Missbluebell   Miss Bluebell - petite light blue sandals
Misty   Misty - Pink luxury glitter clutch bag

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